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“Eric Blehm offers an insightful perspective on how Craig Kelly became the effortless icon that we all revered as well as sobering details of how his heroic journey tragically ended. The Darkest White is a must read, not just for fans of snowboarding, but for anyone looking for inspiration from an unlikely hero.”
— Tony Hawk

“When I started snowboarding, Craig was already a true legend in the sport. Growing up, I always looked up to him. He inspired me and so many other riders. I just wish I got to ride with him more.”
— Shaun White

“Eric Blehm took on this biography as I imagine Craig Kelly took on the halfpipe. He studied it, chose his line, and pulled everything off—even tough parts—with grace and style. It’s not just a terrific story of an amazing life, not just the origin story of an entire sport, but a riveting disaster narrative that builds tension masterfully. The Darkest White grabbed me and didn’t let go.”
— Jack Carr, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Terminal List series

“Impressive reporting offers new insight into [Craig] Kelly’s final hours, and the author’s empathetic portrayal of Kelly as a purist who 'turned his back on business deals, high-dollar sponsorship contracts, and . . . prize money' to return to the 'powdery backcountry that had first drawn him to his calling' will resonate even with those unfamiliar with his legacy. It’s a stirring tribute to a talent gone too soon.”
Publishers Weekly

“The Darkest White is a little like riding a magic carpet through a white out. I haven't read a winter saga this good since John Branch's Snowfall, which won the Pulitzer.”
— John Long, adventurer, climber and award-winning author of Gorilla Monsoon, Icarus Syndrome, and Granite Mariner

“Blehm recounts in gripping detail the terrifying disaster, the desperate rescue efforts, and the ensuing investigations into the cause. A stirring adventure narrative and sports bio.”
Kirkus Reviews

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Newest Release

The Darkest White

The Darkest White is the story of Craig Kelly’s life, a heartbreaking but extraordinary and inspiring odyssey of a latchkey kid whose athletic prowess and innovations would revolutionize winter sports, take him around the globe, and push him into ever more extreme environments that would ultimately take his life.


About The Author


Eric Blehm is a bestselling and award-winning author of nonfiction books. In 2006, he won the Barnes & Noble Discover Award for The Last Season (HarperCollins), a gripping account of the disappearance of legendary National Park Service ranger Randy Morgenson.

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