An amazing email I received

Hello Everybody,
I just returned from Arkansas, and found this email waiting for me from a woman I met at one of my signings with the Brown Family. She gave me permission to share this letter and accompanying photo after telling me how different aspects of Adam’s life impact people differently, and inspire them for different reasons. In this case, he was inspired to learn this Navy SEAL came from very humble roots. The story touched my heart, and I thought it would touch yours as well. More to come!

Hello Eric,
I met you during your book tour for FEARLESS in Arkansas.

I teach at a day treatment facility. The focus of our program is social/emotional training and skills for at-risk youth. Often, I tell Adam’s story to my students when they feel like they are at the point of no return. I have a student that has made tremendous progress this past school year, so we are discharging him from our program. I gave him your book, FEARLESS, as a gift. I gave him the book on what was supposed to be his last day of school. There was one more day left, but he didn’t have any test the last day, so there wasn’t a reason for him to return. However, he showed up on that last day of school with his copy of FEARLESS in tow. He stopped me in the hallway and was eager to tell me that he had already finished reading four chapters. He then continued walking and stopped again and said, “You didn’t tell me they [The Browns] were poor.”.

I think the students that I teach will be able to relate to Adam’s story. Thank you for writing his story with such respect and dignity. Also, thanks for coming to Arkansas to sign our books!

A Teacher

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