Email from an Airman

Just received a short email from an airman, who just read the Paperback while on a flight to Afghanistan in a C-17 Globemaster aircraft (like the one in this photo)… He wrote: “Mr. Blehm. Thank you for honoring the men of ODA-574 with your account of their mission in 2001. I had heard about the mission, but embarrassed to admit I’d forgotten the significance. Your account captured the nuances of chain of command in any of the branches. Reading your account of the Rescue Mission performed by my fellow Air Force brethren made me proud beyond words. The part about the Flag brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Sir for your accounting of the reality of this war, and Special Forces, who, in my dealings with them, are the best at what they do. —Name withheld at the request of the airman


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