Uplifting Message from a Former Marine

Thank you to this former Marine for this uplifting message:
Mr. Blehm , I know I’m not the first to send you a message like this , but I felt the need to thank you for writing “Fearless.” As a 42 yr old former Marine I didn’t know it would be possible for me to read a book that would literally make me make some changes in the way I live my life . Fearless has done this . I have had the opportunity and the Honor to work with many Special operators from Green Berets to Navy SEALS , and have learned much from all of them. In a world where I see the word HERO misused on a daily basis. Adam Brown is a HERO and a true WARRIOR in every sense of the word . I have told many people that I know that they must read this book , I have even made my 14 and 18 yr old daughters read it. Again, thank you for telling this story. —Signed “Max”

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