The Little Warriors/A Brian Bill Project

Please take a few minutes to learn about The Little Warriors/A Brian Bill Project—a 501(c)(3)(status pending) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the children of fallen and injured US Navy SEALs.

The Project seeks to teach these children the skills their fathers possessed through experience and adventure and empower them to achieve excellence through an understanding of core values such as Honor, Heritage, Teamwork and Loyalty – all traits held dearly by the SEAL Teams.

The Little Warriors is founded by Amy Bill Kutney and husband Chad. The Project is inspired by United States Navy SEAL Brian R. Bill. Brian was Amy’s little brother, and a passionate outdoorsman who embraced all challenges and strove for excellence in all he did. He lived his life to a higher standard and was revered for his Leadership, Teamwork, and Honor both in life, and in his service to our Country. Brian continuously went out of his way not only for his family, but also for those of his Navy SEAL brothers. Whether it was lending out his surfboard for lessons, or teaching his niece to dunk Oreo’s into milk, Brian had a heart that never stopped giving. Brian epitomizes, in every way, what it means to be a hero.

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