Coach Eric

Thank you Christian Garcia for making my day. Christian is on my son’s 8 to 10-year-old Minor B Little League team and an avid reader beyond his years. Last Saturday’s game, I was third-base coach. When Christian (one of our most consistent hitters) made it to third, I gave him a high five, and he grinned and said. “Hey, coach Eric, you write books?” I told him, I do, and since there were two outs, I reminded him, “You’re running on anything…” After the next pitch he looked over again and said, “That’s cool!” And I said, “Thanks buddy.” Well, today after our game, Christian walked up to me with a Barnes ‘n’ Noble bag, and pulled out one of each of my recent books while the whole team gathered around. He handed me the stack, and said “Can you sign them, and maybe put ‘Coach Eric’ on there?” Anyway. I’ve been fortunate enough to sign quite a few books the past decade, but Christian—those three tonight were by far the most special. Thanks buddy, you made me feel like a rock star.

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